1 - Are there tests in the classes?

Machon Maayan values and puts tremendous emphasis on Torah Lishma and giving its students the space and peace of mind that allows for personal, religious and spiritual growth. As such, the pressure and tension that accompanies traditional testing does not exist in Machon Maayan. Since students can receive College credit for their year in Machon Maayan, at the end of each semester, evaluations – creative assessments such as projects and presentations - are administered to monitor the growth and accomplishment of the students.

2 - Can I be accepted by MM if my high school grades aren’t great?

While Machon Maayan looks to attract students with strong academic backgrounds, students who demonstrate a strong desire to grow in their learning and commitment to Torah and are genuinely motivated to grow religiously and spiritually will be accepted to the program despite a weaker academic history.

3 - What is the Hashkafa of Machon Maayan?

The Machon Maayan program is designed to embrace students of various backgrounds. The seminary believes "where one is going is more important than from where one has come". Machon Maayan's warm, non-judgmental, loving approach inspires students to see and incorporate the beauty and relevance of a committed, Torah life.

Machon Maayan's educational philosophy synthesizes Religious Zionist and Centrist Orthodox values. Students will celebrate modern day miraculous holidays such as Yom Ha'atzmaut and Yom Yerushalayim with spirited Hallel and festive Seudot Hodaya (Thanksgiving meals) to Hashem.

4 - What kind of Jewish background do Machon Maayan students have to have?

Since Machon Maayan offers a wide variety of discussion-style and text-based shiurim taught on beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, the Machon Maayan learning program can challenge and appeal to students of all levels and all backgrounds.

5 - What is the typical MM student like?

Machon Maayan students cannot be fit into a box. Our students are open-minded, considerate, respectful, and looking forward to a year of personal and religious growth. Our students come from very diverse backgrounds hailing from all over North America, England, Australia, Germany and South America. Thanks to the wealth of a variety of classes ranging from discussion style to rich text-based shiurim and the many levels of instruction that are available, students from public schools and students from very strong Yeshiva high school backgrounds can excel in Machon Maayan.

6 - What meals does Machon Maayan provide?

Students will receive 3 nutritious, catered meals a day as part of the Machon Maayan tuition package. If students opt to prepare their own meals, they are welcome to use the 5 kitchen areas that are located in the dorms equipped with microwaves, burners, refrigerators, ovens, counter space and sinks.

7 - What do I do on Off-Shabbatot?

The dorms are open every Shabbat and students who opt to stay on campus will be provided with all Shabbat meals accompanied by Shabbat programming led by madrichot, Eim Bayit, or by teachers who live on campus. Of course, the school will make every effort to set up students with Machon Maayan faculty and host families for those who would like go off-campus for Shabbat.

8 - How close is Machon Maayan to Jerusalem?

The Givat Washington campus is a 45 minute bus ride to Jerusalem. Givat Washington is located some 20 minutes away from Tel Aviv and 30 minutes from Beit Shemesh and Modiin. Ashdod, a beautiful port city with beaches, malls, restaurants and cafes, is a short 15 minute bus ride from the campus.

9 - Will students have access to computers, internet, and wifi?

Machon Maayan is housed on the state of the art Givat Washington Educational campus. Internet and wifi are available in the student lounge in the dormitory.

10 - Are the dorms closed for Chol Hamoed?

Dormitories will remain open for Chol Hamoed. The dorms only close on the first and last day of Chag (Pesach and Sukkot), so that students can spend these Yamei Kodesh in a warm, family-like setting.

11 - Are students ever asked to vacate the dorms?

During the Pesach vacation, the dorms will be cleaned and renovated and students will be asked to move to another dormitory on campus with their belongings until after Pesach.

12 - How does Machon Maayan provide for the safety of its students?

Givat Washington is a gated community with 24 hour security and surveillance. The students will receive several safety briefings and training sessions during the year by the Givat Washington security team in order to teach the students how to react in Israel if they encounter an emergency situation. Our caring Eim and Av Bayit, who live on campus, are available to our students around the clock. In addition, the Madrichot staff live at all times among our students in the dormitory.

Our Tiyulim and Thursday seminars are run in conjunction with the Givat Washington security desk and Cheder Matzav, a private security company, which keeps the seminary aware of any security issues, concerns and developments. Of course, our tiyulim are staffed by an experienced Ministry of Tourism licensed tour guide and an armed escort who also serves as a medic.

All students are required to have cell phones on them at all time in case there is a need to update students in the event of an emergency situation.

13 - What kinds of internships/volunteer opportunities are available to choose from?

Machon Maayan has dozens of different internship options both on and off campus. During orientation week students will have the opportunity to visit different internship locations before they choose the volunteering option that best suits them. Our internships are specially designed to allow students to use their interests and talents to maximize their volunteering experience.

Internships include: English Theatre, coaching sports, volunteering with the elderly, becoming a big sister, working with special needs children, horseback riding therapy, tutoring, Israel Advocacy…

Students may also run after school clubs where they will teach music, swimming, dance, gymnastics, art, karate and more.

14 - Can I get university credits for my MM classes?

Yes. Students who are part of the YU/Touro-Israel program will receive a full year of university credits. Students attending other institutions should consult with the university to determine how many credits they will receive for their year of study in Machon Maayan.

15 - Are there scholarships available?

Yes. The Machon Maayan Director of Finances works closely with every student's family and financial situation in an effort to ensure that every applicant can attend Machon Maayan for the year.

16 - How many students are accepted each year?

About 60 students are accepted to Machon Maayan each year. In addition, 5-6 students remain for another year of study as part of the Shanna Bet program.

17 - How many students are there per class?

While there is no set formula, since there are generally 4-5 options for every class period, classes can be as small as 5 students per class, while other classes can have as many as 20 students.

18 - Is there Hebrew language instruction?

Yes, an Ulpan is offered to all of the students.

While most classes are taught in English, students have the option of taking classes in Hebrew in the Givat Washington Midrasha (under the auspices of Rav Chaim Drukman shlit"a).
Since Machon Maayan shares the Givat Washington campus with other Israeli educational institutions, students also improve their conversational Hebrew by interacting with the Israeli students and families who live on campus.

19 - What is included in tuition?


The year in Machon Maayan includes many extras that compliment its classic seminary experience.

* Three meals a day, on class, seminar and tiyul days 
* Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur and Shavuot Shabbatons
* Optional Weekly On-Campus Shabbat Programming and Meals
* Off-Campus Shabbatonim
* Student Lounge with with ping pong and foosball tables
* Over 50 Course Options Per Semester
* State of the Art Fitness Center
* Aerobic Classes
* Dance Studio
* Music Studio
* Art Classes
* Olympic Size Swimming Pool, Sauna, and Jacuzzi
* Indoor and Outdoor Basketball Courts
* Tennis Courts
* Outdoor Track and Field



20 - Do you have additional questions?

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