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There are several girls that really want to come to Machon Maayan, but whose families really cannot afford it. Together, as the alumni of Machon Maayan, YOU can really make a difference, the same way Machon Maayan made a difference in your lives.

Whether you gained knowledge of Torah, a love for Israel, or even a friendship which we call sisterhood, each and every one of us have gained something from our year to which we appreciate. Perhaps if we all worked together, we can help other girls have a chance at a similar experience and privilege.

We've decided to initiate a "Chai Campaign" to help raise scholarship money. The idea is that each class will sponsor one student, and raise as much money as possible to help with scholarships, just like many of us received when we attended. If each of us donates $180 or even $18/month (or as often or as much as you can afford) we can actually make it possible for more students to attend Machon Maayan.

There are a few ways in which you can participate in this important campaign:

1. Make payments at whatever frequency you desire on paypal. The email address for the Machon Maayan paypal account is

2. Send checks directly from your bank account at a once a month frequency. The address for checks is Machon Maayan, PO Box 15, Hightstown, NJ 08520. Phone number (for those banks that require it) 609-751-9888.

3. Send your credit card details with instructions on how frequently to charge. Send the information by email to or fax it to (609) 482-4847

If you are able to make a donation, please let us know which of the above you are able to do. All donations are confidential and tax-deductible. Together we can make a huge difference.

You don't have to be a Machon Ma'ayan alumna to participate in the Chai Campaign. Anyone who appreciates the tremendous life-changing opportunity that a student can experience with scholarship assistance can sign up to make a monthly contribution.

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