Students in the Lea Rachel Shumacher Art Track enjoy the full seminary experience while nourishing their artistic passions.

In partnership with the Pardes School of Art, located on our Givat Washington Campus, students will connect, create and explore through a variety of artistic modalities.

1 part logic; 3 parts insane (Colored pencil on paper) -Emma Seligson
art student at Machon Maayan engages her creativity
(Watercolor and paper)-Rachel Gornbein

Courses will be given in painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography. Guided by the professional staff, students will learn tools and skill necessary to improve technical and creative process. 

Torah & Art

This course will introduce students to Torah texts and their deeper meaning. Emphasis will be placed on students' understanding of the content and their ability to analyze and apply ideas to a theme for art work. Conceptualization for creative solutions which parallel and relate to the Torah texts, is the objective of each project. Students will develop basic or advanced drawing skills, as well as learn the fundamentals of composition and color.


This class will focus on basic familiarity with the medium of sculpture and three-dimensional design. We will experience a variety of tools and materials, and will practice basic techniques (sculpture, clay, plaster cast, pulp and paper, wood work, etc.) that can be used to create new worlds. Together we will get acquainted with contemporary sculpture concepts, and look at how non-standard materials also may serve us when we enter the world of artistic endeavor.


We will draw by observing, recording and intuitive reasoning. Learning to draw, we will discover, means forgetting how to see, and learning instead how to observe. Through techniques and various exercises we'll let the hand and the eye sharpen the mind.


In a digital age where photos pass and change without leaving a trace, the professional and artistic approach to photography has a heightened importance. In this course, students will learn the technical tools of documentary photography and staged photography to sharpen eyesight, thinking, and the development of personal expression in photography. Topics such as the frame, lenses, depth, and studio lighting will be taught. Works of photographers and video artistsfrom Israel and abroad will be presented, while developing both technical tools and artistic photography.


Painting is an ancient medium full of rich traditions, which make it interesting and complex. The course will examine the medium of painting through contemporary painting and more. We will work from observation and imagination, deal with the relationship between matter and content, and explore the possibilities of innovation. We will investigate our everyday reality via different visual materials as we contemplate decision making, feelings, and materials.


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