Tiyulim allow our students to walk in the paths of the forefathers, biblical kings, and pioneers of the State of Israel. With our own attention-grabbing, licensed tour guide, Rabbi Ben-Tzion Goldfischer, Machon Ma’ayan travels the length and breadth of the country to ponder and explore the roots of the Jewish people. Inside the classroom, we learn about Israel's inspiring history; from battles that were fought to current political hot spots, and then Machon Ma’ayan goes out to the Land and re-enacts these scenes. We live Israel through our tiyulim, hearing Hashem's voice commanding Avraham to survey the Land first hand, as we, in turn, do the same.

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Seminars are designed to reflect Machon Ma’ayan's unique, holistic educational philosophy and provide students with an opportunity to discover a great deal about themselves and the country. Students explore the social, religious, and political dilemmas and challenges confronting the modern State of Israel through a wide range of speakers, followed by discussion and debate.



 Of course, as we tour the Golan, Galil, Carmel, Eilat, Negev, Judean Mountains, the Shfela and Mercaz Regions, Machon Ma’ayan enjoys all forms of recreational activities such as rafting on the Jordan River, jeeping through the Eilat Mountains, rappelling down the cliffs of the Ramon Crater, floating in the Dead Sea, mountain biking in the Judean Desert, camping in the Negev, hiking through the waterfalls of the Golan Heights, snorkeling in the Red Sea and much more!


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