Ma'yan - A flowing spring which nurtures its surroundings


When rain falls upon the mountains of Israel, it slowly penetrates the limestone rock collecting rich minerals.  Eventually, the water reaches an impenetrable layer of marl stone and bursts through the mountain as a flowing spring, a ma'ayan, which nurtures its surroundings.


Machon Ma’ayan is a one-year seminary program in Israel for motivated, young women coming from a diverse range of backgrounds. Our students spend a great deal of time enriching themselves individually and collectively with the "minerals" of Torah Learning, Internships, and Seminars in the Land of Israel.  With this unique holistic educational philosophy, students grow personally, intellectually, and spiritually in a rich Torah setting.  Our students draw upon these experiences for the rest of their lives, as they confidently influence their surroundings like the flowing ma'ayan.


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Picutre of a waterfall Ma'ayan  


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Machon Ma’ayan was established in 2006 by Rabbi Ira Kosowsky, Meryl-Lee Avraham and Rabbi Ben-Tzion Goldfischer in a unique partnership with the Orthodox Union (NCSY), the Jewish Agency for Israel, and Touro College. These partners identified the need to establish an educational program where students from both Jewish Day schools and Public schools would experience a year of growth in Torah and Judaism in a warm, non-judgmental environment.



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Machon Ma’ayan is proud to announce that we have moved to the Givat Washington Educational Campus located in the tranquil Shfela Region. The beautiful, multi-facility campus is the perfect setting for implementing Machon Ma’ayan's holistic philosophy to engage the mind, body and soul.


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Machon Maya'an Faculty: Your family in Israel


Machon Ma'ayan has carefully selected talented, dynamic and personable teachers who have the ability to share their wealth of knowledge with a wide range of students from diverse backgrounds. Our faculty members span a broad spectrum of styles and hashakafot, allowing each student the opportunity to identify and form a kesher with them.


Machon Ma’ayan has become synonymous with warmth and personal attention. The Administration and staff invite students into their homes for Shabbatot, Chagim, or just for a chilled Bar-B-Q with the expectation that they will become family members. The welcoming Machon Ma'ayan office often feels more like a student lounge, where students are very comfortable hanging out with staff and faculty.


Students remain a part of the Machon Ma’ayan family even after their year in Israel ends. Student connections last for years afterwards as Machon Ma’ayan faculty and staff continue to offer guidance and support, and welcome alumni (and their families) into their homes.


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