KossowskyRav Ira Kosowsky (Director) is a dynamic and inspirational educator who believes in personal growth through open discussions, in-depth Torah study, and community involvement. He established Student Leadership Programs in many countries – including England, South Africa and the United States – that are characterized by practical leadership training, which has empowered the graduates to get involved in many meaningful challenges in the Jewish world. He has rabbinical ordination from Yeshiva University, and a Master's degree in Bible from Bernard Revel Graduate School.


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GoldfischerRav Ben Tzion Goldfischer (Mashgiach Ruchani) is a talented and popular educator both in the formal and non-formal realms. He has inspired and affected countless students at Midreshet Moriah, Birthright, Aish Hatorah, NCSY, Reishit Yerushalayim and Torat Shraga, among others. Rav Goldfischer founded and directs NCSY’s Jerusalem Journey and Ambassadors Programs (TJJ/TJJA), a month-long touring and learning program in Israel for public school students. He received his Rabbinical Ordination from Yeshiva University and holds a BA in Biology and History. He is also a licensed tour guide through the Ministry of Tourism of Israel. Rav Goldfischer grew up in West Orange, NJ. He made Aliya in 1999 and lives in Modiin with his wife and five children.


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AvrahamMrs. Meryl-Lee Avraham (Assistant Director) has an ability to impart her passion for Torah and mitzvot in a manner that is truly unique. She is able to synthesize classroom curriculum into the terms of daily living, while building confidence and self-esteem in her students. Meryl-Lee was the director for many years of a vast network of outreach programs throughout New Jersey known as L.A.V.E. (Life And Values Education). She founded the Ari Kraut Friendship Circle, which provides community assistance to families with special needs children, by pairing the children with trained and eager teen volunteers.


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BlankMrs. Dina Blank (Executive Director) has been part of the Machon Maayan family since its inception. As a faculty member, Dina’s sense of humor and down-to-earth mannerisms have filled her classrooms and challenged our students. Over the years, Dina has also run Machon Maayan’s successful shana bet program and maintained close relationships with Machon Maayan alumni for years. In September 2012, Dina joined the Machon Maayan administration as Director of Finance, drawing on her vast experience managing educational institutions in Israel. Dina lives in Beit Shemesh with her husband and four children.


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shulyMrs. Shulamith Baruch is originally from Lawrence, NY. She is a talented fine artist, graphic designer and illustrator. She has been involved in outreach with Partners in Torah. She is one of the founders of Kulanu, an organization that was conceived around her kitchen table along with a small group of mothers of children with special needs. She is dedicated to developing relationships with her students, while inspiring and encouraging them to recognise their own unique talents and creative styles.


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BramsonRav Michael Bramson is a warm and engaging teacher, who caters to the needs of each individual student. The influence of his talents have been felt during the summers by the Ethiopian community of Natzrat Elit in Israel, during Shavuot & Simchat Torah in the city of Newport News, Virginia, on Shabbatonim throughout New Jersey, and as one of the most successful teachers at the Berman Hebrew Academy of Greater Washington. Rav Bramson has Rabbinical Ordination from Yeshiva University and a BA in Psychology. His summer daily halacha is subscribed to by almost 60 of our alumni.


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EtigsonMrs. Dina Etigson's students thrive on her rare combination of intellect and spirituality. After receiving her BA from State University of New York at Albany and working at Morgan Stanley, Mrs. Etigson moved to Israel and joined the Matmidot Program at Matan. In addition, Mrs. Etigson participated in the Machon Gevoha Program at Nishmat.


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rav-zahtzRav David Zahtz grew up in Jamaica Estates, NY. After attending MTA for high school, he studied at Kerem B'Yavneh for two years. He then returned to Yeshiva University to learn under Rav Mayer Twersky and to finish a degree in Psychology. Immediately upon finishing his BA, Rav Zahz completed the semicha program at RIETS, learning first in New York and later on the Jerusalem campus. In addition to joining the Machon Maayan staff, he is the Overseas Program Mashgiach and Director of Programming for Kerem B'Yavneh Yeshivah.  


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Rabbi Yoseph Ginsberg

Rabbi Yosef Ginsberg was born in Long Island, NY. After studying in Yeshivat Hakotel and serving in an urban combat unit in the IDF, he moved to the Old City with his wife where he stayed for 8 years. With an education degree from Michlelet Lifschitz and Smicha from Rav Zalman Nechemia Goldberg, he has taught in numerous Yeshivas and Seminaries throughout Israel. Rav Ginsberg is the co-founder and regional director of NCSY Israel, the premier organization in Israel, dedicated to connect, inspire, and empower teen olim to the Land of Israel by encouraging passionate Judaism through Torah and Tradition. He also serves as the internship coordinator and teaches various classes at Machon Maayan.


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Melanie Mernick Melanie Mernick’s teaching experience is both broad in nature, and international in scope. In addition to teaching and mentoring students in Toronto, Vancouver, Dallas and Minsk, Melanie was the Women’s Campus Em Bayit (Dorm Mother) for the Israel Experience @ Bar Ilan University for the past two years. Each year, she mentored around 50 girls, stemming from a wide range of backgrounds. The students were regular guests at her Shabbos table and appreciated a warm home-away-from-home. Prior to that, Melanie and her husband worked for NCSY in Canada.

Melanie’s experience outside of the classroom includes directing a girls overnight camp, producing a fashion show, and teaching girls how to water-ski. Currently, Melanie is also running extra-curricular programming at Yerushalayim Torah Academy, a girls high school in Jerusalem.

Melanie is originally from Toronto, Canada, and proud to be in Israel, with her husband and three children.


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SimchaRav Simcha Hochbaum is a resident of Chevron's Avraham Avinu neighborhood. His song-filled and soul-stirring shiurim in Chassidut, Tefila, and other various topics have inspired thousands of students. A long time student and musmach of Reb Shlomo Carlebach, zt"l,  Rav Simcha graduated Yeshiva University with a B.S. in accounting and studied at the Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education. He was the Rabbi of The Eldridge Street Synagogue in New York City, a Judaic studies instructor at Bi-Cultural Day School in Stamford CT, and has taught at a number of Israeli yeshivot and midrashot. In addition, Rav Simcha has founded a number of "Carlebach Minyanim" throughout Israel. He is the Director of Tourism in the Holy City of Chevron and delivers tours of Chevron, The Old City of Jerusalem, Kotel Tunnels as well as neighborhoods throughout Yehuda and Shomron.


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Rav JohnnyRav Johnny Solomon is a graduate of Yeshivat Kerem B’Yavneh and he has a BSc (Hons) in Math and Religious Studies, an MA (Distinction) in Jewish Education, and Semicha from the Montefiore Kollel in London. Until making Aliyah in 2012, Rav Johnny lived in London where he was the Head of Judaic Studies at Immanuel College, and later on, at Hasmonean Girls’ School. In addition to teaching at Machon Ma’ayan, Rav Johnny teaches at Midreshet Lindenbaum & Midreshet Torat Chessed (MTC) and he is also an independent Jewish Education Consultant. Rav Johnny lives in Even Shmuel with his wife Donna and his five daughters. 


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SHS 0256Yonit Mehatzri joins us for a second year as Em Bayit at Machon Maayan, after returning from two years on shlichut in Chicago. Luckily for us, she is also a certified tour guide. She lives on the Givat Washington Campus with the students, who all are made to feel like a part of her family! 


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Tzvi DavidsonRav Tzvi Davidson, a native of London England, moved to Israel in 1999, learnt in Yeshivat Kerem B'yavneh, and has enthusiastically been teaching Torah ever since.  He serves as the Mashgiach Ruchani of the overseas program in Kerem B'Yavneh and teaches Jewish thought and chassidut in Machon Maayan.  He is married to Ora from Capetown and is blessed with 6 beautiful children.


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Yosepha WrubleDr. Yosefa Wruble has taught Tanach for many years in institutions of higher women's education, among them Matan Jerusalem.  She holds a doctorate in Tanach, is a certified kallah teacher, and is currently studying to be a yoetzet halacha at Nishmat. She lives in Israel's Negev region with her husband and three daughters.


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