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At Machon Ma’ayan, our thought-provoking classes encourage students to contribute to the setting by questioning, challenging, and sharing ideas in pursuit of a much deeper understanding of Torah. Course topics range from Tanach, Halacha, Gemara, Philosophy, Hebrew, Art, Chassidut, Jewish History, Leadership, Psychology, Israel Advocacy, and more! Classes are offered at advanced, intermediate, and beginner levels, and include text-based and/or discussion-oriented lectures and presentations.


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Each student custom-tailors and designs her own academic schedule and daily structure. For every class period, we offer between four and six choices of classes allowing students to choose the most appropriate courses in order to help them grow intellectually, spiritually and independently in their learning. Machon Ma’ayan does not track its students and everyone is welcome to choose any class or level they wish. Naturally, our faculty is always available to students to assist them in building their academic schedule.


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In addition to the formal academic program and schedule, numerous optional “mini-courses” on a variety of topics are given by teachers during the students’ free time. Machon Ma’ayan's second semester schedule is unique because it often features new courses that are taught based on the input and requests of students. And of course, the Beit Midrash is very much alive with the sounds of student-teacher chavruta learning which takes place around the clock.

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